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Embedded MQTT Client Library

“MQTT v3.1.1 made SECURE”
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SharkMQTT는 Oasis에 의해서 IoT 용으로 개발 되어 MQTT v3.1.1 Standard를 보안성을 강화한 Secure data 통신을 위해 구현하였다. SSL은 군사용 인증 등급과 암호화를 위해 만들어졌으며 효과적으로 Broker 통신을 이용하여 Embedded Device에 resource를 강제적으로 impact하거나 최소한의 타협으로 통신을 허락하는 것이다


  • ANSIC Source Code Library

  • Pre-Intergrated with SharkSSL SSL TLS

  • Implemented with OASIS Approved MQTTv3.1.1

  • Basic MQTT Authentication

  • x.509 Authentication

  • Optimized for Constrained Devices

About MQTT

MQTT is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices, low-bandwidth, and high-latency or unreliable networks. The protocol is useful for emerging IoT or M2M connected devices, where bandwidth, memory, and power are at a premium.

About Oasis

A non-profit organization that promotes industry consesus and produces worldwide standards for the Internet of Things.

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