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Port GmbH - PROFINET Design Tools 출시 – 2014.03.14

Port GmbH회사는 산업용 PROFINET기반 Controller를 빠르게 개발하기 위한 디자인 개발툴을 릴리즈하였다.

PROFINET 디자인 개발툴의 기능성은 아래와 같다.

  • first product of the new DesignTool family a "One" tool for all stacks
  • Easy creation of new PROFINET devices:
    • Stack configuration
    • GSD file creation
    • Keeps all in sync
  • Allows configuration of all relevant aspects of the port PROFINET stack
    • Resource Management
    • Device Descriptions
    • Modules/Slots/Parameters
    • Driver Settings
  • Assign modules and slots graphically
  • Extended User guidance: Follow the tasks instructions to complete your project
  • Available for Windows and Linux (32bit and 64bit)
  • Requires Java Runtime 6 or higher

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